The Entrepreneur (4 Articles)

Concepts and steps that an individual must know to become a successful entrepreneur.

What is entrepreneurship: definition and its importance

Although the terms entrepreneur and entrepreneurship exist at several decades, these have been becoming increasingly popular these days. However, not everyone knows express what is entrepreneurship. The path to entrepreneurship is quite challenging. It is full of obstacles and difficulties which require the entrepreneur to have to make several [...]

entrepreneurial Motivation: moving the entrepreneurs

As we know, entrepreneurship requires great sacrifices on the part of entrepreneurs to overcome the obstacles that a risky business imposes. Entrepreneurs have to dedicate several resources (financial, temporal, strategic) in order to be able to put their business idea into practice. In order to overcome these adversities, it is essential that the entrepreneur reminds himself daily which […]

The characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

All people, inevitably, have already asked the question “What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? Will I have the profile of a successful entrepreneur? ”. Now, according to the definition, an entrepreneur is a person who takes the necessary steps to convert an idea into reality, assuming all the risks in order to make a profit in the future. This […]

The entrepreneurial skills necessary to succeed

Everyone needs to have or acquire certain entrepreneurial skills in order to increase the likelihood of success of your business. However, it is not expected that a single individual has all the powers necessary for the development of your business. Each individual is unique. So it's up to each one to identify which are the [...]