Starting a business in Spain Spain (4 Articles)

Necessary information that an entrepreneur must know before opening a company in Spain.

Business opportunities in Spain, data on entrepreneurship

Despite the economic and political crises experienced in recent years, business opportunities in Spain are numerous. Spain represents the 4th most relevant market in the European Union. With 46.6 million inhabitants and a Gross Domestic Product of approximately 1.3 trillion dollars, the Spanish economy grew by 2.8% in 2018. Thus, […]

Starting a business in Spain steps, costs and entities

As seen in the previous article, Spain, in addition to the good quality of life and security, is one of the countries in the European Union that most facilitates the opening of new small companies. However, the entrepreneur needs to prepare properly before opening a company in Spain as this country is demanding in terms of documentation and […]

Types of company in Spain: legal forms and their characteristics

One of the main steps in creating a business is the legal choice of the company to be formed. It is very important to know all the possible types of company in Spain, in order to identify which is the best for the type of business. Individual or Autonomous Entrepreneur It is one of the most common forms of constitution […]

Support to business in Spain which entrepreneurs can count

Currently, due to the explosive increase in interest in the entrepreneurial environment, there are several types of support for business in Spain. Both national and international serve to help these individuals to move forward with their business ideas. Spain offers several programs to boost startups and consequently the Spanish economy, being highlighted below […]