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Guide on how to develop the model and business plan accompanied with real examples.

Business model and business plan: what differences

The transformation of an idea into a viable business requires steps that are indispensable, such as the business model and plan. Many entrepreneurs confuse these two terms and it is therefore necessary that they understand the differences, similarities and at what stage of the business they should develop it. Businesses start and end in the market. In a general way, […]

Business model: what it is and how to build one for your startup

The development of a coherent and complete business model is a fundamental step for any entrepreneur who wants to transform his idea into a business. This step takes place after the idea is validated and before the business plan is drafted and, since it occurs early, it can lead the business towards the […]

Business plan: what it is and its importance for a company

A business plan is a document describing the objectives of a business and the steps to be taken in order to achieve these. This reduces the risks and uncertainties for the entrepreneur, company and even potential investors. One of the fundamental steps for the validation, implementation and development of the various […]

How to write a business plan step by step

A business plan is essential for any type of company. Be a startup, be a globally recognized company. Now, after understanding what a business plan is and its importance, the entrepreneur is faced with another question: how to write a business plan? What should I include to attract the attention of partners […]