Startup Journey


1. Ideation

The first step is to have an innovative idea that answers a current need. Ensure that the company thinks the same presenting it to family and friends.


2. Conception

Once confirmed the potential of the idea, it's time to develop the model and business plan in order to attract potential partners and / or investors.


3. Company Establishment

It should be treated as soon as the bureaucracy associated with the legalization of startup, since the definition of business structure to raise financing.


4. Brand management

This is one of the most neglected by the steps startup and having the same weight as other phases. Here is defined a visual entity of the company, setting a logo as well as the creation of a landing page.


5. Brand Protection

It is essential that as soon as the business idea remains unique and exclusive. There are several types of protections from copyright to patents.

desenvolvimento do produto

6. Development

It's time to make the idea a reality. Here should be set which types of development are better fits for the startup and start to put hands to work.

seo (1)

7. Market launch

The last step is to place the product / service developed in the market. Here we apply the best marketing strategies to win the maximum number of customers possible.


Ready for success!

Now is to keep the product current, adapting it to changes that may arise and bet on strategies to gain customers and investors.