The Business Idea (4 Articles)

Guide on how to have a business idea, how to protect it and how to present it to others.

Business ideas: what are they and how to get an idea of ​​success

The creation of a company starts from business ideas that reveal a viable opportunity for that. In a very comprehensive view, an idea appears as a response to a need identified in a given market. This market does not explicitly define which product you need, it only allows you to detect a need. It is up to the individual to develop a […]

The importance of innovation in the success of startups

When thinking about startups and entrepreneurship, it is common for the first characteristic to emerge to be innovation. But what is the importance of innovation? Due to the high level of competition, the search for differentiating ideas is essential. Whether through the introduction of new services, products or processes, or through significant improvements in existing ones […]

business idea validation: importance and how to do

Among the major factors that lead a business to failure are the lack of money and the inability to develop the idea. However, what many entrepreneurs do not know is that the main reason is associated with not validating the business idea. Due to their extremely positive attitude, entrepreneurs end up ignoring […]

How to protect a business idea: the 4 types of protection

In recent years, there has been an increase in interest in entrepreneurship. Consequently, there is a great demand for innovative ideas capable of creating something of value for society and generating a good financial return. What many of these don't know is that when they are faced with a business idea, they must protect it at all costs. […]