Financing a business The financing (3 Articles)

Guide on how to obtain financing and development of a financial plan for startups.

Rounds financing to startups: Pre-Seed IPO

A startup goes far beyond an innovative idea. This requires a lot of time, discipline, dedication and above all, funding. Although there are several rounds of funding for startups, many businesses often fail due to their inaccessibility. The financing scenario for startups has changed significantly in recent years. There was an increase in venture capital […]

The 9 main ways to get money for startups

Having an idea is obviously the first step in building a business. However, this cannot be treated as the only or even the most important factor. Financing is essential in the different phases of the project. Therefore, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to reflect on his monetary needs and what are the ways to obtain […]

Financial plan: what it is and how to write a successful model

A company does not depend only on the business plan. Good business development planning is critical to success. However, it is not the only factor to take into account. The financial statements present in a financial plan are as or more determinant for the success of a startup. A good financial plan is the […]