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Guide on how to implement outreach strategies of the company and its products / services.

Branding and Marketing: when one ends and the other begins

Branding and marketing are so closely connected that people generally do not understand the differences between these concepts. As founder of a startup, it is essential that the entrepreneur know to detail the characteristics of each as well as differences to use properly. These two business functions work together toward the same goal: [...]

What is branding: definition, characteristics and how to apply

Starting a business is a very stimulating and exciting for entrepreneurs. The anticipation of the product launch phase can lead that they ignore the importance of the phase of the branding features. Thus, this article will be explained what is branding and where it is applied. What happens with many startups and small [...]

What is marketing: definition, objectives and concepts

Many entrepreneurs tend to think only of the product and its production quality and when it comes to launching high market end up being surprised by the low compliance by the target audience. One of the main reasons for this situation occurs is the neglect of a marketing plan. Does not mean a [...]

The main marketing strategies and how to apply them

Once you know what marketing is and the basic concepts that revolve around it, you need to learn about the marketing strategies that best suit the various types of startups. Thus, in this article the types, tools and communication channels that make up the most [...]

Marketing plan: what it is and how to write a successful plan

After understand what is marketing and what are the main existing strategies, the entrepreneur now finds himself able to draw up a marketing plan for your business. It does no good to know the basics of each marketing strategy. We need to plan in detail every action that will do. However, the entrepreneur must get to know the [...]