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Information and concepts that the entrepreneur needs to know for the development of your product / service.

Product development: 4 types that startups should know

In the phase of starting product development, startups are faced with the use of various terminologies such as MVP, prototype, POC. However, they are often applied incorrectly. It is essential that these terms are correctly interpreted in order to allow the entrepreneur to identify which one or which to use. Thus, common mistakes are avoided, from functionalities […]

The types of prototype that any startup should know

In the product development phase, it is common for the entrepreneur to get lost in the various concepts. Since there are several types of prototype, it must understand its characteristics and what they consist of. From a sketch on a piece of paper to a more detailed representation of the product to be developed, the options are immense. So, one should consider […]

Lean Startup: what it is, its importance and how to apply

Lean startup is a methodology increasingly adhered to by both new entrepreneurs and startups and by established companies. These seek to optimize their method of development. The main idea behind this method is to avoid wasting resources (time and money) in product development by launching prototypes with functionalities […]

The importance of testing the product for a successful startup

Product development is a very important step for any company. From choosing the type of development to follow, to defining the day to launch it, the entrepreneur has several responsibilities to take. However, he cannot forget the importance that the product test represents. In fact, being an entrepreneur is not […]

Best day to launch a product: how to identify the right time

All entrepreneurs look forward to the day of launching their product on the market as it represents the reward for all their work and effort. However, everyone is faced with the question "What is the best day to launch a product?". Nowadays, a “launch” does not mean the moment of defining the product, but […]

Keeping your product: need for constant innovation

A startup's journey doesn't end when its product is launched on the market. Not even when you already have a solid base of loyal customers. This thinking is one of the most common, especially in new entrepreneurs, however, it is dangerous. It is essential to keep the product updated throughout the life cycle of a startup. Or […]