Company opening (4 Articles)

Steps and procedures that all entrepreneurs should take into account when opening the business.

Establish a business: the 7 steps you can not ignore

After the first stages have been passed, namely ideation and design, it is now up to the entrepreneur to open his startup considering all the legal aspects involved. Before venturing into the development of his product, the entrepreneur needs to follow the steps listed below in order to establish a business and guarantee, little by little, the […]

Advantages and disadvantages of partnerships for a startup

Starting a business is a dream for many individuals. This desire has been increasing in recent years mainly due to the great success stories that entrepreneurs and their startups had because they took risks and did not rest until they reached their goals. This desire can be exciting, but also frightening. One of the steps […]

The importance of the work team for the success of a startup

Another concept to take into account when opening a company, is the importance of the work team in it. When we think of startups, the image that appears in our minds is that of their founders. This is usually accompanied by feelings of admiration as they were determined to carry out their […]

The 5 types of workspace for a business

There are several factors that an entrepreneur must plan before opening his own business. From the choice of partners, the preparation of a more detailed market research, the definition of a financial plan to the raising of funds for the development of the project, there are several concerns that an entrepreneur has. As a result, […]