Startups concepts (6 Articles)

Concepts and information that an entrepreneur must master at the start of his journey.

What is a startup: definition, characteristics and their types

The term "startup" has gained enough popularity these days. More and more individuals interested in becoming entrepreneurs and therefore open their own business. Therefore, there are more stakeholders in helping new companies. Although their presence in modern society is evident, this concept still raises some uncertainty about [...]

What is the difference between Startup and Small Businesses?

Currently, there are a large number of people who think that startup is a more "cool" way of referring to a small company. However, this association is wrong because they differ both at a conceptual and organizational level. In this article we will clarify what is the difference between Startup and Small Business. Since already […]

Stages of a startup: what they are and their characteristics

As in all types of businesses, startups have life cycles. Although there are several factors that influence the scope of the business, it is essential that the entrepreneur knows all possible stages of a startup. There are seven major stages of a startup. Not all companies will go through all these stages, or by [...]

Startup of the Unicorn: when a startup no longer startup

We were already listed some differences between startup and small businesses, which allowed a better understanding of this concept. However, there is still present some signs that the startup no longer startup. There is a change that is the most coveted by entrepreneurs: startup of the unicorn and that is not very easy to [...]

Starting a startup: how to make your idea into a successful business

All great businesses start with a simple idea. Having an idea is important but is not the only thing that the entrepreneur should be concerned. There are also other aspects to be considered to start a startup and thus make this idea into a viable business. In this article we identify the seven steps of the journey [...]

Support for startups: what types and their characteristics

In recent years, startups have emerged as one of the main contributors to the global economy and source of employment worldwide. Likewise, the number of startups the support also increased. Investors and interested organizations is increasingly in helping businesses achieve success. For an entrepreneur who [...]