Starting a business in France France (4 Articles)

Necessary information that an entrepreneur must know before opening a company in France.

Business opportunities in France: data on entrepreneurship

France is the 3rd largest economy in the European Union and one of the largest in the world. With 66.9 million inhabitants and a Gross Domestic Product of approximately 2.8 trillion dollars, this country is particularly appreciated for being economically developed with a wide, diverse and sophisticated consumer base. In addition, the metropolitan region […]

Starting a business in France: steps, costs and entities

The moment of opening a company in France or in another country, always generates some nervousness on the part of the entrepreneurs. Due to the lack of information or due to the high bureaucratic processing required, many end up not even risking their business. The good news is that in France this process of starting a company is cheap, […]

Types of company in France: legal forms and their characteristics

One of the main steps for starting a company is the legal choice of the company to be formed. It is very important to know all types of companies in France, in order to identify which one is best suited to the type of business. Individual Entrepreneur (EI) It is the simplest legal form of constitution of […]

Support to business in France: what entrepreneurs can count

Innovation plays a key role in French economic diplomacy. And so, both the government and private companies have developed several programs to help French companies expand internationally. In addition, these programs serve to attract new foreign companies to this innovative ecosystem. Among the various supports for business in France, the following stand out: NETVA […]