Starting a business in Germany Germany (4 Articles)

Necessary information that an entrepreneur must know before opening a company in Germany.

Business opportunities in Germany: data on entrepreneurship

Germany is one of the strongest economies in all of Europe. With 82.4 million inhabitants and a Gross Domestic Product of approximately 3.7 trillion dollars, it is the most relevant market in the European Union and therefore plays an important role on the international stage. Germany is particularly appreciated for its stability and […]

Starting a business in Germany: steps, costs and entities

Good preparation is fundamental to the success of opening a company in Germany. This country has a reputation for being overly bureaucratic, which is why it is necessary to fill out various forms, several visits to government institutions in addition to banks, notaries and probably legal or financial professionals. However, Germany represents one of the best countries […]

Types of company in Germany: legal forms and their characteristics

Once you understand the entrepreneurial environment in Germany as well as the process of starting a business in Germany, entrepreneurs can choose the legal form that they consider to be most suitable for the type of company. There are several types of companies in Germany, and the establishment procedures are straightforward and simple, with very [...]

Support to business in Germany: what entrepreneurs can count

Before starting a business, it is highly recommended to obtain as much advice and information as possible. Since there are several supports for business in Germany, it is up to the entrepreneur to determine which is the most advantageous for his startup. In Germany it is very easy to obtain consultancy services, of which: Chamber of Industry and Commerce Provides […]